Interstate highways in Iowa
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Interstate 280
Length in Iowa: 10 miles/16 kilometers
Western terminus: I-80 (exit #290) in Davenport
Eastern terminus: Illinois state line (Mississippi River) at Davenport; the route runs for an additional 18 miles in Illinois (sharing its last 6 with I-74).
Entrance photos

Counties: Scott

Exit lists: Entire route
Multiplexes: 6½ miles with US 61, from I-80 to Exit #6 in Davenport; this includes a one-mile triplex with US 6 between I-80 and Exit #1.
  • October 25, 1973: Entire route in Iowa, including the bridge into Illinois, opened. (However, the interchange from I-80 dates back from the 1960s; it connected I-80 with US 6 before then.) The route had been completed in Illinois by 1968. The bridge to Illinois was renamed the Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr., Bridge in 2008 in honor of the local Vietnam War veteran who received the Medal of Honor in 1966.
  • Interstate 480
    Length: Three-fourths of a mile/1.2 kilometers
    Western terminus: Nebraska state line (Missouri River)
    Eastern terminus: I-29 (exit #53B) in Council Bluffs
    Entrance photos

    Counties: Pottawattamie

    Exit lists: Entire route
    Multiplexes: With US 6 for its entire route
    History and Notes
    This whole segment opened on October 21, 1966; although it is not much to talk about in Iowa, it does run for an additional four miles through Omaha, NE (passing through the business district), before meeting with I-80. East of I-29 the road continues into Council Bluffs as US 6.
    Interstate 680
    Length in Iowa: 29 miles/47 kilometers
    Western terminus: Nebraska state line (Missouri River) north of Omaha, NE; it runs for an additional 12 miles in Nebraska along the western and northern edges of Omaha.
    Eastern terminus: I-80 (exit #27) near Neola
    Entrance photos

    Counties: Pottawattamie

    Exit lists: Entire route
    Multiplexes: 9½ miles with I-29, between exit #61 and exit #71 (exit numbers follow I-29) in Pottawattamie County.
  • January 9, 1974: Replaced I-80N (creating the duplex with I-29 in between).
  • 1977: Segment between the Nebraska state line and I-29 completed
  • Notes
  • The route around Omaha to I-29 was originally designated as I-280, and early-1960s maps mark the completed piece of the route in Nebraska as I-280. Problem was, there was another I-280 in the books in the Quad Cities area. Since AASHTO does not allow duplicate three-digit interstate route numbers in the same state, this route became I-680 in the mid-1960s.
  • The bridge across the Missouri River actually predates I-680; it was an unnumbered extension of NE 36 into Iowa (see IA 988). Tolls were still collected on I-680 eastbound until April 21, 1979.

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