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Left: A multiplex mile marker on US 52/61/151 in Dubuque. It is a common practice in Iowa to place a small route symbol above mile markers on multiplexed routes to indicate which route the mile numbers are for.

Center: Assemblies at the junction of US 34 at I-35 in Osceola.

Right: A typical old-style county line marker in Iowa (in this case, Washington County). Although county line markers have traditionally been the size of cardinal directional markers, they are currently being phased out in favor of larger markers.

This section is dedicated to photos of various signs and other sights in and around Iowa. All photos that I have taken are now hosted on Flickr.

Contributed photos are hosted on this site. Special thanks go to those who have contributed: Sandor Gulyas, Eric Peterson, Neil Bratney, Jay Deetelm, Jeff Morrison, Vern Wriedt, David Backlin, Michael Ehret, Mark Odor, Kurt Berge, Brian McMillin, Mike Murphy, Nathan Bush, J.D. Adams, and Tony Klostermann. Additional contributions are welcome, but I would prefer that the photos come in .jpg format and are not from some copyrighted work like a newspaper or magazine (since I don't want to end up in any legal battles over copyrighted photos). On a related note, these photos are not to be used for commercial purposes.

For all of the sets in my Flickr photostream, click here. Any advertising that may appear is placed by the site provider, not me.

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