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Other Iowa pages:
Local metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs):
Neighboring states' unofficial highway pages:
Highway link pages:
General highway sites:
  • AARoads: Online highway guide with a discussion forum, shield gallery, blog, and more.
  • Wikipedia U.S. Roads Portal
  • misc.transport.road FAQ (maintained by Marc Fannin): This answers many questions that people have about highways.
  • 2-digit interstates (by David "ZZYZX" Steinburg)
  • 3-digit interstates (by Scott "Kurumi" Oglesby)
  • US Highways (by Robert V. Droz)
  • North American Auto Trails (by Dave Schul): A site listing the named auto trails that existed in Iowa (and the rest of the country) before the days of numbered highways.
  • Kurumi's SignMaker, which allows you to create your own freeway signs. (Requires a Java-supporting browser.)
  • A site that allows users to keep track of which counties they visit in the United States and Canada.
  • Travel Mapping: A site that allows users to keep track of what highways they travel on all over the world.
Online maps:
Major Iowa newspapers:

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